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The patent application was filled in December 1999, and US Patent 6,771,294 was issued to Petri Pulli and Peter Antoniac on August 2004. The invention relates to a method of using a portable mobile communication device such as mediaphone. In the method, an image of a hand of the user is made and the natural partition of the hand is recognized. An augmented reality image of a user interface of the device is made by laying an image of a desired user interface comprising input segments onto the image of the user's hand in such a way that the segments of the user interface are separated from each other by the natural partition of the hand. The augmented reality image of the user interface is seen by the user, who selects a desirable segment by touching a partition on the hand. The selection on the hand is recognized and a function related to the selected segment is performed by the device. MARISIL is defined and used to operate this class of devices.

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The patent was accepted on 3rd of August 2004.

Full description and the pictures are available from PAIR (USPTO) here.

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